Coming to Vienna

Vienna is an amazing city with a huge amount of history, culture, and interesting people. It is one of the most international cities I have ever lived in and on the U-Bahn one can hear people from all over the world speaking a multitude of languages. I think a big component of the international atmosphere that Vienna embodies is the Vienna International Center, home of the United Nations.

I came to Vienna to work at the International Atomic Energy Agency, a group within the United Nations that works with Nuclear Energy. The Agency, as it is often called, is tasked with inspecting nuclear powerplants, promoting peaceful uses of Nuclear Energy, training people in safe handling of nuclear fuel, and much more. It is a truly robust and amazing organization to work for and I feel blessed to be here.

In many ways, the UN is a microcosm of Vienna. The people there are friendly, engaging, and always interested in discussing politics or the news. They have a great sense of pride for the work they do and the impact they have on the world. And above all, they love to have fun. On Fridays, the UN bar is a lively place, packed with people from all over the world talking over a beer and making plans for the weekend.

There is always a plan to see or do something new in Vienna, since so many people at the UN are new to the city. And in this way, Vienna benefits from the UN as much as the UN benefits from Vienna. Vienna gets a steady stream of people who are excited for the sights and sounds of the city, ready to be tourists in their own town and visit the beautiful palaces, museums, and concert halls that Vienna has to offer. The UN, on the other hand, can attract people from all over the world who are eager to have a chance to experience the most livable, and possibly most beautiful, city in the world. In my experience, it has been a fantastic partnership, and I am looking forward to what the next months (and hopefully years) of living in Vienna have to offer me.

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