Day trip to Neusiedler See

Austria has a lot of national holidays, a lot more than we have in England, and on one of these holidays the weather was absolutely amazing, so I went with my host family for a day trip to Neusiedler See. It’s a beautiful huge lake only 50 minutes drive from Vienna, and some of it crosses into Hungary. To go the whole way round by bi ke would take you a couple of days I think, and you’d need your passport! When we went to Neusiedler See the weather was beautiful, so we rented bikes.

The host baby didn’t like it though because he couldn’t see anything but my host mum’s back when he was strapped in his kiddy chair. We took lots of rest stops along the way, one of which was in a nature park where there were lots of information boards about the local wildlife. After we had cycled around for a while we went for dinner at a restaurant and I had a delicious but also huge burger. I couldn’t even finish everything on my plate it was so big! Luckily my host baby is a hoover and wanted to eat all the bits I couldn’t. After this we went and got ice cream, then got into the car and drove home. I was so tired I fell asleeo in the car!