Deutsch Akademie from our eyes

If you are already a student in the Academy you already know the learning atmosphere and the environment. But, if you are new and in search of a good school where to learn German… than for sure you should take into consideration Deutsch Akademie. Why? I will not speak about the central location and good hours, but about the atmosphere :D.

Well, all there classes are small, but most important, at the end of one course you will have the feeling that you’ve made new friends, embraced new cultures and learnt German.

I asked my colleagues to describe their experience with Deutsch Akademie in one single word, and here it is what I’ve got. I find it really cool that are so many different good opinions and words, in this way you can make a very clear impression about how your experience here will be like and know what to expect for.


I totally agree with all this words, and I find Deutsch Akademie the perfect place for learning a new language!

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