Deutsch Akademie Stammtish

At Deusch Akademie we are not just having classes but we are also having fun. Why I say this? In the first week of each course of the month, you will be invited at a Stammtisch… what does this mean? They invite us all in a non-formal environment to socialize, meet new people from other classes, and enjoy an evening together.

This month the Stammtish is at Bierheuriger Gangl in the old AKH (altes AKH). It is an easy to reach location, near Schottentor. You can take the subway to Schottentor and then the 44, 43, 33, 5 tram to Lange Gasse station.


Searching the Bierheuriger Gangl on the internet, I’ve seen that a variety of food and drinks can be found here… if you like beer or wine, pork/ chicken or just some dessert, for sure you will going to find something that you’d like here.

Besides the fact that maybe you will try a new place, you will have the opportunity to interact with many people, with different nationalities and backgrounds. You will have the opportunity to practice the German language and to develop your public speaking.

I can’t wait to see how their event will going to be and how many people will attend it. For me is a great opportunity to practice my communication skills and I’m happy that this kind of events are organized in a language school.

Something else, if you are not comfortable about being alone with so many strangers around, you have to know that you can bring your friends at the event.

I can’t wait to see you there!

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