Die Kirchen

One of the things I love about living in Vienna is the beauty all around us. It is everywhere, both simple and elaborate. Walking through the subway stations, even sometimes on the subway, you can hear people playing music, both familiar and foreign to my ears. There are the formal concerts with stringed instruments and organs and trained singers. There are shops with beautiful window displays of bread or jewelry or clothing and Christmas markets with lights and decorations. There are paintings inside of buildings and out. I always enjoy the stop at Volkstheater with the paintings above the tracks. And there are sculptures and buildings that could keep your eyes occupied for months. Among the beautiful sculptures and buildings are the churches. In our first apartment we walked passed Brigittakirche every day on the way home. I passed by it again today while visiting a friend and it was a welcome site.



The Stephansdom is a wonder to behold. No words or pictures do it justice.



Peterskirche is smaller than the Stephansdom by far, but beautiful. They also have free concerts almost every day.

Saint Peter's Kirche


Karlskirche was one of the first churches we visited.



And this church I haven’t yet identified the name of, but the sun shining through the windows tonight as it was setting was truly breathtaking.


Finally, here is the inside of the church that I attend, Christ’s Church. This is a comforting place for me. The familiar liturgy and the people who speak my mother-tongue but are kind enough to encourage my German make me feel quite at home.

Christ's Church

Christ’s Church

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