Hello again, I will write not only in German! During these days I will let you know about what’s going on in Vienna, some interesting information and tips to try to make easier the process of learning German.

As I said on the previous blog, today I’m going to talk about Donauinselfest. There is an island between the Danube river and the parallel excavated channel Neue Donau. You can reach it by different public transports, in my case I choosed metro U6. Year after year, till the 29th edition there is the Donauinselfest in Vienna. On this year you could enjoy this music festival from 22nd till 24th of June 2012.

It’s the biggest Open Air Festival with free entrnce Europe. Just some numbers to give you an idea: festival area length of 4.5 km with 12 different open-air stages and in 20 tented areas around the Danube island. Still it doesn’t look interesting enough?

It’s something more than just a music festival. You can do a lot of things during the day and the night. Family activities, workshops, games for kids, karaoke, eat and dring, take a bath at the Danube river, lie on the grass, sport and adventure activities and of course listen to the music on the different stages.

On the picture you can see some of the activities of the festival from this year. Next year don’t forget it! 😉

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