Ein bisschen Deutsch :)

I was thinking maybe to write a bit about the things we are doing in class since the actually purpose of this blog is for us to share our experiences in Vienna but also at DeutschAkademie. We started with the simple things: alphabet, which by the way is very similar to the Romanian one. The first week we learned simple forms of recommendation, how to say “ I am called” or”my name is”, how to answer to simple questions, like: where you coming from? Where do you live? What is your age? What is your profession? What languages do you speak? I am going to write a few things about my self that I learned in the first week at DeutschAkademie:

Ich heise Delia, ich komme aus Rumaenien, ich wohne in Wien, ich bin neunundzwanzig Jahre alt und ich arbeite als Aerztin, ich bin ledig und ich habe keine Kinder. = My name is Delia, I come from Romania, I live in Vienna, I am 29 years old, I am doctor, I am single and I have no kids.” That’s pretty much what does this mean, I will have to apologize for not using a German keyboard, so that German “s” and the “umlaut” are missing, but the main thing I was trying to emphasize here is that after just one week, you can actually say some things about your self in German. I didn’t knew German at all before thIMG_20151021_221445831is course so for me this is a big deal, being able to say these simple things about myself.

Than you learn basic things like: how to name all the things you find in a house, from furniture, to fruits, vegetables, technology. In every lesson you learn new verbs, usually those most often used along with conjugation in present simple.

I don’t know how things work in other groups, but we have a test weekly and a dictation, usually we are told what to prepare for each of thIMG_20151021_221346767ese. This way we constantly know about our progress and if we are going up or down.

I heard that on B2 level you are already learning dialects, at this moment I find this very hard to do, who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised. Here is somethin
g which from what I know should be some Oesterreich
dialect: “ An glan mit hasa much” I am not really sure but I think it’s some kind of coffee with some kind of milk, I don’t if hot or cold, more or  less :). For my next post I am going to try a longer text in German, remember I am only in A1.1, don’t be to harsh on me.

Have a great weekend!


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