And yes another movie…this time in a course of the Akademie
Faust, a silent film by F.W.Murnau produced in 1926
The story is based on the book of Goethe
In short the story:

The demon Mephisto has a bet with an Archangel that he can corrupt a righteous man’s soul and destroy in him what is divine. If he succeeds, the Devil will win dominion over earth.The Devil delivers a plague to the village where Faust, an elderly alchemist, lives.In order to save people from the plague he makes a deal with the devil.. However, later, he asks the devil to give him back his youth.After a series of wanderings, Faust desires to return to his homeland. There Faust falls in love with an innocent girl, Gretchen, but he is later framed for the murder of her brother by Satan and must flee . The girl has a child by Faust but when the child dies, she is sent to the stake as a murderess. Faust sees what is happening and demands Satan take him there. Faust arrives just as the fire has been started to burn his lover. Faust wishes he had never asked to have his youth back and runs through the assembled mob towards Gretchen.Transformed into an old man that Faust throws himself onto the fire to be with his beloved.Gretchen recognizes Faust and sees him in her heart as a young man again as the fire consumes them together. The angel reveals to Mephisto that he has lost the bet because love has triumphed over all.

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