My Favorite Museums in Vienna

Vienna is undoubtedly a paradise for those who are, like me, addicted to museums (one more reason why I love this city!). There is SO much to see museums-wise here, and I’m trying to be really careful and not go overboard with visiting all of them, because I want to save some of museums for my next semester here 🙂 So far there hasn’t been any single museum here which I didn’t like, yet some of them I found exceptional and they really stood out for me. So, here’s my personal Top-3 of Viennese museums. Hope some of you feel the same way about them!

Naturhistorisches Museum

Located at the Maria-Theresien-Platz, this enormous museum holds a unique collection of objects and artifacts related to the natural history. You can find anything from meteorites, minerals, precious stones to dinosaur skeletons here. This museum is home to more than 30 million objects! Fascinating, right?

Besides its huge and impressive collection, the Natural History Museum is simply beautiful on the outside and inside. Wandering through the museum, you feel yourself like in a palace; I didn’t know what I was supposed to concentrate on: objects behind the glass or all this beautiful architecture and paintings.

Recommended to: anyone, really! So far I haven’t me any single person who didn’t like this fantastic museum. Even you aren’t into museums very much, I can guarantee that this one will make you want to come back, so interesting it is.

MUMOK – Museum Moderner Kunst

Let’s be completely honest here, not everyone likes modern art. I am, apparently, a big fan of it, and I never miss a chance to visit a modern art museum. MUMOK was the first museum that I visited here in Vienna and it’s safe to say I loved it: I have returned back two times more ever since. MUMOK holds a pretty impressive collection, featuring such famous artists like Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst and many others. There are also various temporary exhibitions going on all the time, and on top of all that, you can go to the cinema here.

One of the features of MUMOK is that it really stands out among all the other buildings in the MuseumsQuartier. And not only it is fabulous on the outside, it’s very interesting inside too, I’m totally fascinated by its design.

Recommended to: everyone, who is into modern art / is open-minded when it comes to art and knows how to appreciate the variety of it / wants to explore something new and non-traditional, or simply to anyone who wants to buy all the small, cute and unnecessary things in this world (I’m referring to the shop in MUMOK now, it’s amazing!)

Kunst Haus Wien. Museum Hundertwasser

Kunst Haus Wien is the home to the biggest and the only one permanent collection of works by Friedensreich Hundertwasser in the world. You have probably heard about this artist and architect before – he designed the famous Hundertwasser House here in Vienna. Kunst Haus Wien is a unique building too, and definitely worth at least looking at it outside. However, I really recommend you to find some time to see the museum inside and take a look at the collection. I was personally astonished by Hundertwasser’s works, their techniques and individuality, his philosophy, principles and life journey. Tip: plan your visit in the evening (the museum works until 18:00), because there are much less visitors at that time. I find this museum especially magnetizing when it’s quiet around and you are left alone with Hundertwasser’s works, free to interpret and ponder them as much as you like.

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to take pictures in the museum, so all I have is this ticket, which reminds me of that wonderful evening together with some of the greatest art I’ve ever seen in my life.

Recommended to: all of you who were fascinated by the Hundertwasser Haus, and to everyone who wants to learn more about Austrian art world.

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