Filmfestival 2012: Sommerkino Rathausplatz

On this blog the Rathaus will take part again. But this time from a ludic point of view. At the Rathausplatz there is the 22nd Summer Film festival from 30 June to 2 September.

The sessions are at the evening or at night. Every thing is well organised: big screen, chairs and an amphitheater, toilets (quite important when the session is quite long :P) and food stalls with international selection of delicious foods and drinks.
The progamm includes classical music concerts and, for the first time, also some top pop music acts each week. As a special sessions there is this year’s New Year’s concert of the Vienna Philharmonic and Opera productions such as “Carmen” and “La Bohème”.

Hei, this is not the only one Open air cinema during sammer!! Take a look at the second link!
More information:
(On the picture: pamphlet of Film Festival 2012, Wiener Rathausplatz)

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