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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live abroad? Just pick a city on the map somewhere far away from home and say, “alright, let’s go”! I encourage everyone to try that at least once in their lives ✈️🚃

Hello, my name is Nicole and I am new member of the Viennese community. I moved from Boulder, Colorado to Austria only 3 weeks ago. I choose Vienna because of a good job opportunity that was offered to me. Luckily, most people here in Austria speak perfect English. So actually, it’s quite easy to get around without knowing German. I can order a “caffe latte” or “croissant” without too much difficulty, but obviously thats not enough to make new friends. I think when you travel to a new place, it’s important to learn the native language. It helps you to understand the culture more deeply.

Today, I took my first BIG step toward becoming a fluent German speaker! I enrolled into a german language school called “Deutsch Akademie”. It’s located right next to one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Austria, The Vienna State Opera. Right in the middle of downtown, so easy to get to with public transportation. I’m more than excited to start class NEXT week! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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