Food stage 1: Best ribs in town

Food stage in Wien

If you feel like “foodie” person, then Wien is definitely your city! The variety of restaurants, pubs and bistros serving food from all around the world is more than satisfying. And don’t worry if you are not so much into restaurants- the finger food options are so wide and insanely good! From delicious kebap to fine asian jiaozi – Vienna really is a heaven for street food!

Meat lovers

When I am talking and writing about the food in Wien, I always start with this one: the ribs in Strandcafe. The taste for good meat in different ways (Schnitzel, Goulash, Ribs) is very typical for Austria and the neighbour countries such as Germany and Hungary. My apologize dear vegetarian brothers and sisters, but the next lines are  dedicated to glorify a dish that would be admired by Fred Flintstone and the meat brotherhood: well done pair of pork ribs.


I visited Strandcafe for first time on a romantic occasion: my boyfriend invited me on a date there. We were so hungry and excited that we made a choice that we never repeated: we ordered 2 portions of ribs which is really big amount of food lol. 1 portion is fare enough for 2 people to feel full and enjoy, but still stay fit. The meat is so delicious and well prepared, it falls straight from the bone. It is served with two sauces, slices of onion and french fries which are also so good! They feel like real potatoes.

DOs and DON’Ts

I have to admit that the only food we have try in Strandcafe are the ribs, so I can not tell you about the other dishes, but I will say it again: the ribs are amazing! Beside that the draft beer is definitely a DO but the house wine is a certain DON’T (it is cheap and tastes like that).

History, location and prices

Strandcafe is really old and legendary spot in Vienna. It was originally smaller, but with the years and success running, grew and expand. There is big inside area and lovely outdoor garden. It is located right next to Danube river and if you make reservation in advance, you can get really great table outside. Easy accessible by U1, station Alte Donau. 800 meters approximately takes from the station to the restaurant (across the bridge and on the right following the river coast). The price for a portion of ribs is 20,90 Euro, beer is around 3,50-4,00.


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