Free online studying!

DA offers FREE online german lessons!! I do most of my work from my ipad so I just downloaded the app from itunes “Learn German DeutschAkademie”. Very cool thing, you basically have a new course book at your finger tips. Best part of all (I think) is that you can do the lessons without internet. I downloaded the app, then turned my ipad into ‘airplane mode’ to see if the app still works…. and wouldn’t you know it, IT DOES! So now on long train rides or flights I can study german without having the burden of carrying heavy books! 😄😄😄 image
I just downloaded the app a few days ago so I’m not entirely familiar with it. I don’t have any serious criticism just to say that it looks fairly easy to work. You can choose which level to study and what subjects. For example, practicing dativ and akkusitive cases. I’ll let you know how my experience goes when I dive a little deeper into the app. I have a flight to Russia next week, so I’ll really have time to see how far you can go into the app without internet. One feature that looks interesting is the “interactive” portion. Once you do have a strong wifi connection maybe I can chat with other DA students from different countries??image image

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