friends & seriously good food

Took another weekend trip to Salzburg! It’s so nice getting way from the city and enjoying the countryside, when you can. This time we traveled to some friends of friends in Elsbethen, Salzburg. we met everyone at the top of the mountain and had a really wonderful traditional austrian dinner. It was basically like mac & cheese but way better. They serve it fondue style so that everyone shares from the same pan. It’s a really heavy meal but seriously tasty. I totally recommend anyone traveling to Austria should try this dish. Unfortunately I totally forgot the name, I hope you can forgive me, but I’ll post some good photos so that maybe you can find it while you’re here. Because the meal is so heavy they usually serve schnapps when you’re done eating. It really helps to digest the chimage image imageeese and bread-ish type food. There’s something special about being on top of the mountain, with good friends, Maybe a glass of wine and good food. and especially important to sit outside during the summer, it’s not often that you can sit outside in Austria… so when you can you should. here’s some photos of my friends and dinner that night.

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