Funny classes in DeutschAkademie

We have started our fourth week in Deutsch Akademie and I am very excited.

Today we have made the funniest exercise in class, which consisted in inventing one or various healthful food products. Our group made a nutritional pyramide where we showed some of these products, as vegetables, fruits, products with proteins and milk products.  Other groups invented products, such an exclusive wine and special cakes.

We enjoyed very much. We could practice our conversation skills much more.

I have been placed in level 1B since last September, when I started studying German in DeutschAkademie, and I hope to continue the next level because I have learnt a lot. As I told before, I am able to talk easily and, at this stage, I could say that I understand every word my teacher and  class mates speak.  I am really satisfied.


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