Funny Haloween foods:)):OO

Dracula’s blood punch
A refreshing mocktail fit for a vampire- team cherry juice with chilli, cinnamon, cloves and ginger, then garnish with a set of sweet fangs

Spider nest cakes
Hundreds and thousands give these frightful muffins a colourful speckled effect. Top with candy floss webs and a toy spider to complete the look.

Witch’s cauldron with glow-in-the-dark goo
Give your spicy tomato dip a spooky touch by hollowing out a bread loaf to create a poppy seed cauldron

Cheesy popcorn brains
Flavour popping corn with grated cheddar, mustard and cayenne pepper then shape into ‘brains’ and serve as part of a spooky spread.

Haunted graveyard cake
The perfect centrepiece for a Halloween celebration, this cake is guaranteed to make your party extra spooky

Orange pumpkin face cookies
Great fun biscuits for trick or treaters – make a day or two ahead, then fill in before your spooky guests arrive

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