General impression of Deutscheakademie

In one word – great, definitely! The progress is noticeable and I don’t regret a minute spent on this course! For that price, at the best location in the city, with a high-quality material and very professional teachers – these advantages I find decisive for every German learner. I liked the support received in the situation when I needed it. The teacher was very good at explaining (and patient as well!). He was also very responsive and was trying to fulfill our wishes and targets. I really enjoyed to work in our group. We all were focused and striving to absorb as much as possible. In addition, I wanted to mention the responsiveness of staff! I can assure you that all of the feedbacks are heard and necessary measures are taken in order to solve your problems/requests.

I realize that it is only the beginning of studying and German language requires a lot of time and effort to contribute. However, I can definitely say that this course helped me to boost my learning process and I am aimed to continue studying in the same manner!

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