German Basic Vocabulary Builder

I have just begun using the German Basic Vocabulary Builder by the DeutschAkademie. I have to admit that I am quite impressed with the structure and analytical manner on which it progresses from basic words and everyday phrases to their use in different contexts according to what the speaker wishes to express.When beginning to learn a new language it is often quite easy to memorize basic vocabulary, however when it comes down to using it in a specific context then it is much harder to memorize the correct prepositions required.In this sense I find it very helpful how the Vocabulary Builder progresses from the actual word to its variable combinations, organized around different everyday themes : food&drink, clothes, people ect.Also, the Audio Part is really practical to use in combination with the text or as a learning tool on its own.You can always have a go during those parts of the day spent in public transport or at a public library of the city.It certainly clarifies many of my “pronunciation” questions. I think for many of us newly acquainted with German language one of the main points of inhibition while speaking is pronunciation.The Vocabulary Builder certainly helps in gaining confidence while expressing yourself in everyday situations.You can download the Basic Vocabulary Builder German here at the DeutschAkademie ebook storevokbig.jpg 

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