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image imageOne of the main questions I get from Americans, is “what do you eat in Austria”. And I’m tempted to tell them some crazy thing. just to see their reaction. But the truth is, I eat almost exactly the same as I did in America. Because I go to the grocery store and buy very similar products and cook the only ways I know how. salad with chicken, eggs for breakfast, occasionally hummus and vegetable sticks… that’s the on the honest answer to the question, what I eat in “Austria”.

now I know what they probably mean to ask is, “what’s a traditional Austrian dish”? I say in general, Austrians use a lot of meat, cheese and bread in their dishes. Most of the traditional dishes, are not exactly the perfect image of health and wellness but they really are tasty. because their dishes are traditionally heavier, it’s part of the dining experience to have a really nice after dinner ‘digestive’. Schnapps are very traditional here & you can choose from a variety of flavors.

I can’t talk about Austrian food without mentioning how great The quality of the products you can buy. Farm fresh and strict adherence to organic processing, Austrian food quality is definitely among the best in the world.

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