Goodbye meeting :(


Well, I already spoke about this, every day some Erasmus people are leaving from Vienna, we have to come back to our countries but another generation of Erasmus people will arrive in September as we did.

In this case, it was the turn of the Turkish girls, Elif and Dilan, they first one studies business and has a wonderful voice ( you have to listen her… it´s more that you can imagine) and the second one studies  music… she plays the piano in the conservatory and I had the pleasure to listen her once… and I was surprised which  her  hands´ speed.

I have to say I was so lucky to meet these two girls. I spent with them some international dinners, some Opera performances as the Swan Lake and more than one crazy party.

We met last week for the last time here in Vienna, but I will see them again, for sure.

Do you know where the meeting was? Do you know this park?

see you soon

It´s one of the most beautiful park in Vienna and probably the less known…

It´s near to the Opera and Albertina, behind them to be exactly.

Its name is Burggarten  and its ubication is perfect!

Now It is the season to go outside and I would recommend you this park. It is completely green, full of grass, nice to take sun and spend there some hours with your friends or just alone with yourself.

What is your favorite park? I´m waiting your answer.


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