Goodbye or see you soon!

Dear readers!

This is my last blog post for Deutsch Akademie! Or not?

Guys, I think I found my another favorite spot in Vienna! If possible, I will write about it in October. Isn´t it beautiful?

Yesterday I had the very last lesson of my 1-month intensive language course and tomorrow I am going back to the Czech Republic to spend some time with family.

In the middle of September, I will be back in Vienna. I am starting my internship here and I am really thrilled about that!

I really love learning German here in DA and it goes extremely smooth! I simply became addicted to my own progress.

I will be working full time and I cannot attend the daily intensive course.

I chose to continue with a semi-intensive speed, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts.

Hopefully, everything will be fine. I might further write blog posts for Deutsch Akademie, but first, we need to see if there are no newbies interested to write.

That´s all for now 🙂


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