My name is Alysha and I am about to embark on my first intensive German course and I am excited to do it at Deutsche Akademie! I am from the United States and moved to Vienna to study for my master’s at the university of BOKU. My knowledge of the German language before my arrival can be boiled down to a few lyrics that I remembered from listening to Rammstein when I was younger. After having been in Vienna for 6 months now I have managed to learn the basics.

The German class that I took through the university is what has helped me the most. However, as much as I enjoyed the course, I couldn’t help but feel a bit defeated by the slow pace of learning. Meeting only once per week over the course of several months to learn just one level would take me years to reach any level of proficiency! This is why I decided to start an intensive German course. Follow along with me to track my progress and learn about Vienna from a student’s perspective

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