Grussi :)


sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

I am new “in the club”, so I would definitely appreciate it highly if you greeted me a bit here…at least as an exclusion ‘coz looks like you, guys, don’t comment each other that much in the blog. But whatever…Let me, first, be a very polite old lady and introduce myself, so you know a bit better on how to treat me here if you are eventually up-to drop me lines from time to time.

My name is Masha…Originally I come from I have forgotten where…and I am 75 years old…or 65…or 80 even, I am not sure. And I have come to Vienna to fulfill one of The Big Five of my life. In other words, to find some answers I’ve been looking for. Is that clear what I am saying? 🙂 Sometimes we, old ladies, do talk too abstract. Sorry, if it’s the case.

Anyway, my living nova-days is full of challenges and lacks a lot of efforts from my side. I don’t yet speak good German…I speak no Wienerisch, alas, as well, and feel sometimes as if I had no tongue. Or as if I were a dog for instance. Those feelings are familiar to you, I’m sure. But I love dogs. And I’ve got a German course as well. So things are not that bad in fact.

I’m gonna tell you how I run my new life here, in Vienna. I will talk a lot, but, please, don’t ask me – what the heck that’s for. You’ll learn that later by yourself…when you are 65 or also 80, or if you are…let’s say that much more “down to Earth” 🙂

Kisses, Masha

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