Halfway through A1.1

I can’t believe only two weeks have passed since I arrived in Vienna. It feels like it’s been much longer. I think it’s because getting accustomed to new things makes time feel like it’s passing slower. That would explain why time seems to pass by faster and faster as we age: because we get accustomed to more and more routine, until the brain gets bored of logging the same experiences.

    Well, routine, that is not something to find very often here in Vienna, you always have something to do, lot of things happen here to keep you busy.2015-08-01 17.53.03

   Wednesday, 14th october DeutschAkademie organized a party for all its students, which I attended. It was fun, and I took the opportunity of meeting a few people from other groups and share experiences over a couple of beers. Sometime during the course of the evening, the organizers brought to each table a framed paper canvas on which they asked us to draw the DeutschAkademie logo and improve on it in some small way. I ended up drawing the Prater ferris wheel, which is what I believed to be the figure in the logo’s background. Not much of an improvement on the logo, truth be told, but it was fun to make.

I met this really clever guy, also a student at DeutschAkademie, he made an application for android phone that helps doctor for staging cancer, it is actually called TNM staging cancer, that is probably not that interesting for you guys, but “fur mich” since I am a doctor too, well I find this quite usefull, especially for my colleagues specialized in oncology, they ussualy have to recall this staging for every existing cancer and that is not something easy to do.

Anyway it was fun attending this party, lot of fun and smart people there, must say I haven’t yet made too many friends and I’ll have to work on that. Hope for more party like this to come so that the process of making friends, meeting people will be much easier.

Right now, I’m excited about the Viennale film festival coming up next week, and this weekend my boyfriend and we were planning on either going to the Prater amusement park, or the Schonbrunn Zoo — weather permitting — which I just found out is one of the largest in Europe.  We didn’t got to do that though, we got lazy this weekend, hope that for next we’ll organize ourself better. 🙂

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