Happy Valentinstag!

I know I’m posting this a little late, but Happy (belated) Valentinstag! (Happy Valentine’s Day).  It’s definitely not a big deal here, but my boyfriend got me chocolate, so I was very happy. And it was delicious.

The place where he got it is this amazing chocolate store called Demel, or “K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker Demel,” to be exact. This chocolate store is a must-visit for anyone coming to Vienna… or at least, for anyone who likes chocolate. Demel was established in 1786, right about the time where in my country they were deciding how best to govern the land they had just won from the British. It’s always interesting to put things in perspective like that. Ah, yes… when we were running around on horses trying to remember if it’s one if by land or one if by sea, other people were founding chocolate stores that would last endure to the present day.

They have these fabulous window displays that change with the seasons to reflect the time of year, Vienna events, and so on. It’s a little like Marshall Fields at Christmas (a Chicago tradition known to everyone in the Midwest), but all year round and made of chocolate and marzipan. Yummmmmmmm!

Just to add to the overall deliciousness of this blog post, I’m including another picture from the Demel website of a torte that you could order for your wedding day.


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