Have fun at Prater

Hey guys!

This post will be about my other favourite site in Vienna – Prater amusement park! Why do I like it so much? It’s for sure the roller coasters 🙂
But actually, even if you just had dinner and don’t feel like any ride, I would still go for the atmosphere. Not only it is fun to hear others scream on a ride, it’s also fun to watch 🙂
I would absolutely recommend to go during the night, as it is full of lights and music. One option would be to go there before going to a club. And by the way there is one great night club right in the park! It’s called Praterdome and it is one of the biggest clubs in Vienna. But before you go, don’t forget to take a ride at the Wiener Riesenrad – the almost 65 meter tall ferris wheel! 🙂

Here’s a picture from Prater 🙂

Until next blog!

– J.