I finally start at the University of Vienna on Tuesday!

On Tuesday it finally begins: My books are on their way from Amazon.de, my computer is slowly but surely getting organized, my timetable is made (and even posted on unilang!) it’s almost time for my first week at the University of Vienna! I am really excited! My documents are still being processed but luckily I can start attending classes before I am officially registered. I will be studying Transkulturelle Kommunikation (Translation) using English, German and Spanish. My first class is a Spanish grammar class at 8am, followed by linguistics class, a language technology class, and then a translation theory and practice class.I think all of my classes sound really interesting! I can’t wait to put my German skills to the test. I have attended three german courses at DeutschAkademie and they have definitely had a big role in my preparation for studying at the University of Vienna!

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Hallo! Ich heiße Jessica und ich komme aus Kanada. I'm currently taking German lessons at the Deutsch Akademie in preparation to study at the University of Vienna. If you have any questions about the Deutsch Akademie or life in Austria as a foreign student, don't be afraid to ask me!

2 thoughts on “I finally start at the University of Vienna on Tuesday!

  1. andrew_wong


    halo, my name’s andrew and also in the process of documents preparion.. just can’t wait to be there 🙂

  2. Jessica Post author

    Good luck Andrew! I have to say, the application process is quite frustrating and I’m still working on it myself! I wish you the best of luck!

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