Learn German with E-Books

In addition to the regular and the free online German course, the Deutschakademie also offers a new way to learn German, namely E-Books. This is a new feature especially designed for people in the levels A2 to B1. You can find these E-Books through the website of the Deutschakademie; just click on the link “Online-Shop”.


Of course I also tried out one of the books (“Der Bankraub”) and it has a lot to offer. The pages of the book are divided into two parts; on the left side you have the German version of the text and on the right side the English version. If you do not understand a word, you can simply read the English version or look at the footnotes underneath the text. These contain some special German words mentioned in the text with their English translation. Easy as that!

To really know if you understand the text well and for practice, there are some excercises with general and grammar questions related to the text. The answers to these questions are added too.

Another good thing about the E-Books is that there are two mp3s included with the pdf-file. This way you can listen to the text and, in addition to your grammar and reading skills, improve your pronunciation and listening skills as well. There is a slow version for the ones who have a bit more troubles understanding German and a normal version for the ones who are a bit more advanced.

So enough reasons to try it out:
>> learn German with audiobooks

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