in depth about A1.2 course book


imageHere’s a general overview of the course book that we are using. Each chapter has about 12 to 15 new words that you learn, having to do with the specific theme. The beginning of the book starts with location, for instance, ‘in front of’ ‘behind’ ‘on top’ ‘under’, which is good for directions. You learn some useful things like “can you please help me find…..”. I mean the book knows that were foreigners here in Vienna so it’s useful & practical information. In the beginning of the chapter you learn the vocab… and then usually follows a listening exercise… next comes more intense grammar exercises. And then you can switch books and in the workbook there are more exercises and lastly a test at the end. my level is a 1.2 and the entire two books are in German. Including the instructions. I actually found that the hardest part of starting the course was learning what was asked of you. I mean, you can’t do the exercise right unless you know what they’re asking for. But once I was comfortable with the instructions vocabulary, I found a sort of working flow between the two books. My favorite part of class though was when we read out loud, I feel like I can really work on my pronunciation.

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