In Vienna

Hi thereI am Stefania , new in Vienna and in the blog.Just arrived a couple of weeks ago in order to study arts-which is a very exciting time for me.However, one of the first things I realized that I need to develop my German language skills quite fast!While people in Vienna are friendly and open to speaking English with foreigners,  for me becoming part of the life of the city means speaking the language and understanding all those little details hidden in the locals’ humor and everyday phrases.S0..Starting soon in the Deutscakademie my first class! This is also quite exciting since I am looking forward to the progress made during the next weeks.For the time being I am enjoying the Viennese suburbs.Loads of trees, a few ducks in the garden(!) and plenty of organic food-straight from the local farms!Quite different from the chaotic times in Athens where I come from…lg Stef1_470.jpg

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