Indian wedding

Howdy! 😀

Yesterday was Saturday and I had an awesome opportunity to attend an event a bit different from those i usually attend. It was an Indian wedding! 🙂 Perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I immediately knew I was coming! The ceremony took place in a beautiful church in the 19th district. I must say it was quite unusual as there were almost 10 priests and it lasted for nearly 2 hours. Of course with Indian music and traditional outfits. More than 200 people attended the wedding and it was mostly Indians. Many traditions were quite impossible to understand at the ceremony for somebody outside of the culture.

After the ceremony we went up to Kahlenberg, a hill in the 19th district with the most picturesque view on the whole city. It was a beautiful evening full of food, indian music and never-ending prosecco. Here’s a picture of the beautiful couple!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! And I am now off to do my German homework! 🙂

– J.