International friends

I’ve made lots of friends through taking German courses. It’s interesting to hear all the different reasons why people take German lessons in Vienna, and what their experiences of Vienna are. A lot of others are also Au Pairs, just wanting to travel and experience other cultures. Some are people who want to study here because the university has such a good reputation. Some people have moved for work, and a lot of people have moved here for their significant other. One of my best friends in Vienna I met in my B1.1 class and moved here for their husband. It’s also interesting that in the classes you meet people from all over the world! I’m yet to meet another English person in any of the four classes I’ve taken. It’s lovely having international friends though. One friend of mine from Denmark invited me over for the beautiful breakfast in the picture (the brownies aren’t traditionally Danish but they were yummy so who cares). Another friend of mine is Brazilian and has twice hosted a big dinner party for the people he’s met through learning German. The food when he cooks is amazing and unlike anything I’ve tried before. I love cooking and having dinner parties, so I can’t wait until I have my own place and can return the favour to the lovely people I’ve met!