Interview 2: My teacher Christoph

1) Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Christoph. I’m 31 years old and have been working at DeutschAkademie for about 5 years now. I was born in Vienna and have been living here ever since. In my spare time, I like to do quiz games with my friends or in general any type of game.

2) Why do you like to work for DeutschAkademie?

Working at DeutschAkademie I get to meet and get to know a wide variety of people from all over the world in very different stages of their lives. Helping these people conquer the German language and seeing them improve a very important skill for living in this beautiful city is a very satisfying task.

3) I really like the way how you lead the classes. How much time does it cost you to prepare for single class and where do you look for ideas for different activities?

When I first started it took me about 2 hours to plan and prepare for every lesson. Writing plans, looking for exercises and researching niche grammar questions. Nowadays it takes about 20 minutes to reread the plans and notes I took over the last few years. Sometimes after class, I add to the notes or rewrite parts of the lesson plans. For activities, there are a lot of internet websites, teacher manuals that I’ve looked through and found ideas. Sometimes you also get to exchange ideas with other colleagues.

4) How does the perfect student of German language look like in your eyes?

Interested, attentive, not afraid to make mistakes, willing to work outside of class (speaking/reading/listening) and willing to ask questions.

5) Do you speak other languages?

I speak English (fluently) and French (basics).

6) Do you think it is important to study languages? And why?

I think it is very important to learn languages because the more languages you are able to speak the more opportunities you will have in life. Both in your professional as in your personal life.

Studying a language (or most other things) also keeps your brain active, which is good for your mental health.

Choose one, please:

  • Grammar OR Conversation

I really can’t pick here. Both are needed to master a language.

  • Beginners – Advanced students

I like working with students in A2 the most. So not complete beginners but still beginners.

  • English – German

I don’t think one language is better than the other. I like to speak both depending on the situation I’m in.

  • Holidays in Austria – holidays abroad

Holidays abroad. There’s no ocean or sea in Austria and that to me is really crucial to any non-Winter holiday.


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