Erasmus Vienna- Erasmus Wien

I enjoy Vienne coffee houses as well ;))

When you check facebook, you can see a lot of communities dedicated to Erasmus or Exchange Semester where you can read almost only positiv stuff about these experiences even in the title of the groups like “I want to be an exchange/erasmus student the rest of my life”. And you know what, I can tell you something, this is not advertising or whatever, this is only purely simply beautifully true! Like Erasmus is the best experience that student life can bring to you.But the question is why?????I mean basically it is just about going to a foreign university, attending similar classes to the one you use to have and then chilling with some people you met there!But no one can really logically relates why but Erasmus is just AMAZING on a human point of view. I mean you learn a foreign language, foreign mentallity in general and you discover. Yes, discovering and experiencing are the main goals of Erasmus. I am currently achieving my Erasmus exchange in Vienna where I studied german. I attended business classes at the WU Wien and also, nonetheless all of my courses were in English, I was really to improve my german which was always very bad. That is why I decided that Erasmus will be for sure a fun year where I could have fun and also be able to develop my German Skills.

As I didn’t have so many classes to do at university I decided to attend private courses in order to work intensively on my german, so I went to the DeutschAkademie and started my “learning German in Vienna” experience. And what an experience! And now I am sooo proud of myself, and I really can say without being ashamed I was living for a year in a German speaking country. Because I mean I could not properly said I was living for a year in Vienna during my erasmus and did not learn German!!! It would sound so idiotic! And I must confess I am quite happy about learning german during my erasmus year. Indeed it’s like having two Erasmus in one. First it allows me to meet people outside from the Erasmus scene which is very instructive as they all come from different backgrounds and are focused on a lot of different objectives. I mean Erasmus is great on a cultural point of view but I have to admit you only meet students who almost have the same goals and perceptions of life that you do. My german class at the DeutschAkademie is not like that, we are people from every corner of the world and everyone is so interesting. In my class there is this sweet and young cambodgian girl because her husband is Austrian and she is really willing to stay here with him. She is such a great human being! I haven’t seen anyone with such a great determination to achievement before and I think this is totally admirable. I mean as an Erasmus student and so an European one, it is not so hard for me to be here in Vienna despite some little difficulties, I still have a similar culture but when you come from Cambodge do not speak any european languages and decide to learn german in order to work and to live here forever, you must be very brave! Then comes this funny crazy ukranian man who was living in south America and ran for 10 years all over the world and speaks something like 8 or 9 languages! Totally amazing, he always has such extraordinary anecdotes to tell us. Funny and clever! Everytime he talks I feel like I am travelling with him. There is also this New Yorker Photograph, totally amazing as well. She was working for Vogue, Harper Bazar, travelled a lot, made pictures of rockstars and so! I loved it when she showed us her website. Are also this two boys from ex Yougoslavia, so nice. They had to explain me 500000 times all their political conflicts as I never really understood so much about it as it is very complex! But now I got it, I can relate to everything about yougoslavian conflicts!

What I also really like about my school is the location. Pretty nice indeed because it is in the 1st district of Vienna so it is impossible to find better location as a German School. And you know the craziest part of it? It is the cheapest German School in Vienna! Come on that sounds like a joke when you say I am going to the school to attend intensive german courses, in very small groups, in the very center of the city and this one is the cheapest! For once I got the right number. Usually I am the one who always pays more because I didn’t get any good tips! Hahahahaha chance is turning!

What I also fancy about Vienna is the lack of criminality, recently they published the statistics of the city with the best quality, and you know what? Vienna got first, they even became better than Zurich!!!!

Why???? Because Vienna Rocks! Because Vienna is a clean city, because Vienna is a safe city where you can hang out at anytime without the fear that some people will come to annoy you without any reason.

So well Vienna is the best city ever (except for the weather), great traditions,  great cultural life, great shops, great German school, great life 🙂

So well, this is my erasmus semester in Vienna, discovering, partying and learning german at the DeutschAkademie, i am loving it and start to feel so sad I must go home in 2 weeks! But I ll come back 🙂

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