Learning with Tandem Partners

One of the ways I try to become more confidant with German is by having lots of tandem partners. A language tandem is where you meet up with someone who wants to learn a language you’re fluent in, and you speak some of the time in one language, and some of the time in the other. There are plenty of people in Vienna who want to perfect their English, so I’ve lucked out. It gives you lots of chances to get to know interesting people too. Usually we just go for a coffee or a beer, but with some of the ones I’ve become genuine friends with, we go out and do cool stuff together. I visited the Belvedere with one girl, doing something like that gives you a chance to learn and use vocabulary you might not learn in the classroom. It’s also a really good way to make friends if you’re new in Vienna and struggling to meet people because of the language barrier. In a tandem you’re both patient and looking for new opportunities. I’m really happy with the friends I’ve made through this.