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Hi to everyone! Ever since I arrived in Vienna, I have been impressed with the quality of shopping in this city. Before Austria, I lived in Milan in Italy, which is a very famous fashion capital and is obviously one of the best cities to shop at. Nevertheless, while I was there, I became more and more convinced that shopping experience in Milan might not be that amazing and extraordinary if you are not very wealthy and cannot afford shopping at expensive stores with luxury brands (surely that is me – I am a student and students are always poor!). Of course, there are many nice shops there that sell Italian clothes, shoes and accessories at a reasonable price, but it is really difficult to find them. That is why most of my shopping experience in Italy was mostly going to fast-fashion stores such as Zara and Mango or nicer shops like Benetton and Sisley during the discount period.

So taking into account my existing shopping experience, I was gladly surprised how satisfying and pleasant shopping in Vienna can be! First of all, the choice of shops is extremely high – there is everything for people with different levels of income, taste and style. During the summer I enjoy going for a little shopping to Mariahilferstrasse but when it is a colder season I prefer to stay inside to I go to a large shopping mall like SCS or DonauZentrum and spend there an hour or two exploring different stores and always finding something nice. Especially I love service in shops in Vienna – the staff in stores is extremely friendly, helpful and always available if you need any help, which is a complete opposite of how it is in my country, in Russia. Also, I really love how everyone speaks English in Austria, so you never have any problems when shopping. In addition, I have discovered that shopping is a great way to improve and practice German, even if you only say very simple and short sentences, it still helps a lot!

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