Where to live in Vienna?

Vienna is the great city that has both traditional and modan style faces. And I can say it also has the faces that are both traditional austrian and mulitinational aspect. We have a fabulous Oper and first distric where you can rally enjoy the city centor that has histrical view points. If you go to the market like Nashmarkt and  Brunnenmarkt, you will be able to see a lot of food and stuffs from out side of this country that gives the mixture of many culture specially middle
east erea which I love.

Over Donau river, we have UN biliding (if you are interested in internatioanl relations, you can go there as tour member. I enjoyed very much!) and near there is like new fasion. You will see the lot of contemporal builiding.
And near there, these is a big shopping centor “Kagran”. Specially the winter time, so many people go there. There is also a big shopping centoer located closed to U6 line station named “Hander sky” and also near meidling “SCS (shopping centor sud)”. You will definetely
spend time for shopping, eating and so on!

Why am I writing there becasue I just moved lately. I moved to 23 district from 17! 17 district, we had a lot of fun. Over there is alive. People are going and coming so it has more the tase of the “city”. I liked living there very much.Yet for a job transfer convinience, we moved to the 23th where is little more quite and people can live more “slow life”.
It is the place of less stress and… I dont know it yet actually. Since I was thinking I am the city guy so I don’t know how I feel living here. But I will discover soon and I feel already quite nice!

Hope you will have a great flat and place to enjoy your stay in Vienna! There are many opportunity waiting for you.


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