Living in Vienna for one month

Vienna is a city with so many interesting places for visiting that one month maybe could be not enough, but at least it is a good time for knowing the most important monuments and sights.

Although it doesn’t matter the season you arrive to Vienna, because, as I explained before we always find activities to do along the year, it is good to visit first the main churches and monuments. As Vienna has an excellent public transportation you can get the subway or the tram for reaching these places. The majority are in the down town, in the center of the city.

The first one, the symbol of the city, St. Stephan Cathedral, which is one of the most important religious gothic monuments in Europe and is located in the square of the same name, Stephansplatz. From here, you can start your journey to other monuments and places, depending on your time in Vienna.

On a good Sunday and if you like walking, going through Graben, the shopping avenue, and taking  Kohlmarkt, you arrive at the Imperial Palace (Hofburg). Its main entrance, called Michaelertor, was built at the end of the nineteen century.You cannot miss of knowing the imperial rooms, the Sizi Museum and the Treasure Chamber, which have most of the imperial history of the Habsburg Emperors. These museums are enough for one day.

The following days you can continue your travel through the Heldenplatz (Heroes Square) and the New Imperial Palace, visiting the National Library and the Ethnology Museum. From this place you arrive to the most famous avenue since the imperial age, the Ring. If you are not tired and have enough time, you can visit the “Twins Museums”, the Museum of Natural History and The National Museum of Art, which has the fourth most important painture gallery in the world. Between them, there is the monument to Maria Theresa Empress. From there you can reach in some minutes to the Opera, one of the most famous buildings in the world.

The other famous places are the St. Charles Church, some minutes from the Opera, the most important Baroque Church of Vienna, and from there you can take the tram D to visiting other treasure: the Belvedere Palace, built for Eugene Prince, where you find other interesting galleries and of course its fabulous gardens. These treasures deserve one day at least for visiting.

Other weekend you can use it for going to the famous Summer Palace: the Schönbrunn, the Yellow Palace of Maria Theresa, which deserves at least one day for visiting its enormous gardens, museums and zoo. Finally you can take other weekend for going to the Town Hall (Rathaus),  with its neo-gothic style, the Parlament, (helenistic style), representing the democracy, although it was built during the imperial time, the Burgtheater and the University.

On the weekdays, you always will find places and typical restaurants to visit, particularly in down town. While you traverse the narrow streets in the center,  don’t forget to attend some famous art galleries I mentioned some days ago: Albertina, Liechestien and Leopold Museums, very famous around the world for their fantastic art treasures, from the Middle Ages to the Modern.

As I told before, one month is not enough, but if you are anxious to know more places and if the wheater is good, you can enjoy in the Danube Island, the Prater Park and the Stadt Park, the most known places for sports and relaxing time.



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