My 3 favorite activities to do in Vienna (part 1)

I am having an intensive course at DeutschAkademie for the whole of August 2018. My classes are in the morning; therefore, I have plenty of time to enjoy my afternoons in charming and smart city of Vienna. Before moving here, I have done decent research on how I could possibly spend my free time.

Summer in Vienna is amazing and great for an active lifestyle and sports lovers. Although these tips were proven in summer 2018, don´t hesitate and google similar possibilities for the time in which you are coming.

I will split all 3 tips into 3 different articles. Today I am going to tell you one, and later the second and the third. Let´s begin.

Outdoor fitness lessons and gyms for free

Last year and a half, I became more into sports and a healthy lifestyle. But moving to another city can break the habits (just to remind you, I come from the Czech Republic and you can read why I am in Vienna here). Due to the health issue with my legs, I should not run on a daily basis, just occasionally. I am a very big fan of fitness group classes, but my budget seems too tiny for the paid ones in the city like Vienna. BUT I found a perfect solution, which works for me!

Bewegt im Park alias free fitness lessons are happening all around the city, you can choose from a variety of different classes and the superb information is that they are free! Depending on your location and preferences, the website let you search for the best options for you. I personally prefer yoga, circuit training, Tabata and similar ones, as I already mentioned. They are in the German language, as well as the website, but I guess this can´t stop you. Even more, you can meet like-minded people, chat and improve your language skills. For the ones who are not able to attend afternoons, they have also few lessons in the mornings.

If you do not like group lessons, then I have one more tip for you. Free outdoor gyms are all around the Vienna. You can use them for 24 hours, 7 days per week. I personally go on my bike for at least 20 minutes (you can also run before or do roller-skating) and then I continue in the outdoor gym. Find the full list and tips how to use the machines here.

Free outdoor gym. It was fun!

Let me know in comments if you are already in Vienna and we might go together. I will be here until January 2019 and hopefully even later. That´s all for today and soon, I will publish the other tips.

See you!


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