My 3 favorite activities to do in Vienna (part 3)

I recently wrote article about tips where to swim and promised more info about my fav fav fav place Badeschiff! Read the rest possibilities HERE.

Plus, they cook amazing dished and the above-mentioned drinks are quite affordable. It´s also a very nice place to meet in the evening with friends (although the swimming pool closes I guess around 8).

The location is highly convenient, situated close to U-Bahn station Schwedenplatz. I would say it is not even far by walk from Opernring.

During these 3 weeks I have been there every week once or two times, yeah, it is really the TOP place for me. Once I met with my friend Karolina and we enjoyed the pool and cold beer. The second time we spent circa 1-hour sipping cold juice after our Sunday morning yoga class on the beach. Third I met there in the evening with my new friends and we enjoyed the evening vibes of that place. Finally, I went there for a start-up networking event organized by my organization, where I will have an internship starting from September.

One more recommendation: if you really want to enjoy the pool, come after lunch (1-3pm). Many people come there after they finish at work around 5-6pm, therefore the pool is more occupied. If are meeting with a bigger group of friends for the evening drink, it might be worth to reserve your place by calling them.

Have you ever been to Badesschiff? If not, for more info, simply google Badeschiff Wien. Let me know!

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