My Au Pair Journey

I chose to become an Au Pair because I thought it would be the safest way to move abroad and learn German, I wouldn’t need to worry about finding a job immediately and I wouldn’t need to worry about rent, bills, food etc. It’s definitely been more challenging than I thought it would be. I chose to move to Austria rather than Germany because the Laws protecting Au Pairs are better, and you earn more money here. I actually started out my Au Pair journey in Tirol, however I didn’t get along with that family very well and I soon moved to Vienna to work for another family. I then worked with that family until Christmas and although they were lovely I didn’t really feel like I fitted into their family dynamic. I then started with a new family this February just gone and I finally feel like Vienna is my home. I love working with the baby I work with, I feel like there’s a super strong connection between us. My host mum is awesome, and I enjoy chilling out with her after dinner and just chatting like friends. I think before I moved here I didn’t realise how important it was that I felt like part of the family rather than just someone who works for the family. They’ve invited for me to stay and work with them longer and as it gives me a great opportunity to learn German at a German language school in Vienna. I’m probably going to take them up on it!