My colleagues in Deutsch Akademie

I have very friendly and nice group-mates. There are nine people except me in our group: Mirka and Anna from Poland, Tina from Croatia, Kelly from Taiwan, Alexandra from Hungary, Yashar from Turkey, Jun from Japan, Marianna from Serbia and Renee from you can view a photo of my group:


Most of them are studying here in Universities/schools/colleges, but there are some people who are working here in Vienna. For instance Yashar is living in Vienna for almost 8 years.  He has family here and his children are going to kindergarden. I was a bit surprise to meet people like Yashar and Mirka (who is living here also for a quite a long time) because I thought that I will meet on this German course only students, who are here on exchange programs or who are studying in international universities. But to meet a grown up, experienced person was a bit of shock for me. I would like to say that people like Yashar and Mirka are deserving high respect, because for example my dad has neither patience neither willingness to study, and this is a pity.In my opinion one should never stop studying something new, because the more you know the broader this world seems to be for you.Never stop studying my friends 🙂 Never!I hope that people like Yashar and Mirka could be a very good banchmark.

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