My favourite place in Vienna


It is difficult to say which place or places you shouldn’t miss in Vienna. As I explained some days ago, there are so many interesting places that the selection depends on your personal preferences. For example, if you are a fanatic of art, you cannot miss absolutely visiting all the main museums and galleries of the city. Each of them has something different to show to the visitors. The same we could say if you like music very much. Vienna has various possibilities that you will not have enough time for attending all the events and spectacles. That’s why Vienna is called the city of the music.

For lovers of culinary traditions, there are so many places to go, that it is difficult to choose the best restaurant or Cafe in Vienna. Each of them has something special to offer that they can satisfy to the most demanding customers.

In my case, as I like sports and enjoying of sun and warm weather, I think that my favourite place is the Danube River. Definitively, you cannot miss of visiting it, particularly in spring and summer. The natural environment is so quiet, that you won’t want to finish the visit. I like the forest and trees that surround  the river. In some places of the “Donau Park” (Danube Park) it would seem that you are in the Paradise.  In this fantastic place, the possibilities for all kind of outsider sports are enourmous (walking, jogging, cycling, skating, swimming, sealing, etc).

Now I understand why Strauss composed his famous Vals “Blue Danube”.


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