My favourite places in Vienna

I think that everyone knows that Vienna is one of the most beautiful city in Europe and to define my favourite places in here is really difficult. Well, I think that Vienna is my favourite place ūüôā Recently I have discovered once again the Naschmarkt. Generally I dislike streets markets, because in Russia they make a really bad impression to you. I thought that¬†Naschmarkt¬†is just the same. I find myself there¬†by accident, I was back from my rehearsal, from the place called “T-on” it is near the¬†Naschmarkt, I was really hungry and my friend invited me to join him for a meal on¬†Naschmarkt. When I entered the¬†Naschmarkt¬†I was shocked: this market did not make any bad impression to me, on the contrary I felt very comfortable there. Atmosphere and ofcourse food there were so pleasant and nice that I immediately felt in love with¬†Naschmarkt. Strange, isn’t it?Another thing I like in Vienna is walking. I would suggest my favourite route from Uni Vienna to Rathaus, then to Volksgarten and then to the Opera. I just love this route.In my opinion, it does not matter there you will go in Vienna-all places are worth visiting ūüôā Just stop reading this entry and go outside your room, and experience the beautiful city of Vienna.x_8cea52fe.jpg

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