My first day in Vienna

In this article, I would like to just briefly share with you an overview of my first class and the first day in this phenomenal city.

I arrived in Vienna yesterday in the evening (Sunday), therefore I call my very first day today. I had to wake up soon because I had my first class in DeutschAkademie! Yaay!

Bike, bike, bike!
I have a friend in Vienna, who lend me a bike for one week. It was unplanned, but I am so happy about this. Today was sunny, so why to waste money for public transportation when I can do something for my body and soul. Do the same! Of course, you can use the Vienna bikes, which was my initial idea and I plan to write later an article also about the biking system of Vienna.

Bike of my friend, just perfect for city.

Don´t be late!
But I was! The whole story short, I planned my trip to Deutsche Akademie by Google Maps app. It showed me 20 minutes. Ok, so I started my travel sooner, to get there on time, because it was my first lecture! But the Google Maps app does not show the proper time for bikes, I had to stop many times on red light and unfortunately, I arrived 15 minutes late, which is not polite. I felt really bad, however, Christopher, our teacher, took it in a very good way and had no problem. Therefore, remember to plan and count at least 25 minutes plus for your first day.

International group and that view!
My classmates are from every corner of the world! China, Romania, Brazil, Slovakia, Poland, Chile, and others! This is great. We are trying to avoid English and speak all the time German, during our breaks too. And that view which we have from our classroom! We are just in the city center and from our window the famous opera is visible! I am enclosing a picture, you must see this!

View from window of our class – amazing!

Yeah, my course is the intensive one, therefore we are having a class every day. And it will be veeeery intensive! Can´t wait to realize the step ahead at the end of the month, hopefully.

That´s all for today, let me know in comments, about what I should write in one of my next blog posts. But now I am going to do my homework 😊.

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