My first German class!

I’m a little late starting my German class… I couldn’t attend the first two days because of work, but last night (Wednesday) I went to my first class and I’m so excited!

I’ve been in Vienna for almost exactly a month now, and I’ve had some ups and downs with adjusting to life here. Overall, Vienna is a beautiful city, full of amazing places to visit and cultural experiences I never imagined. I’ll have to write about my first ball in a later post! My biggest difficulty so far, however, has definitely been the language. From what I’ve seen, almost everyone speaks English, but it’s really hard to meet people and connect if you don’t speak German. I’ve been trying to teach myself a little, but it’s very different from other languages I’ve studied (the verb goes WHERE?) and so I haven’t had much success.

Which is why it was so great to finally go to class on Wednesday! I’m in the very first level and it is so reassuring to be surrounded by people who speak just as much (or as little) German as I do. The pace seems just about right, and I really like my teacher. I’m so excited about finally getting a chance to really learn German with help and friendship instead of struggling through it myself.

I’ll write a little more tomorrow–I have my second class tonight and I’m sure I’ll have lots more to talk about!

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