My German Class

Good afternoon!

I have time today and I will write some posts. It´s my  first time that I´m doing a blog, so if you could give me some advice It would be wonderful.

As you could see in the picture this is my German class! Good group right?

Second day of class

Second day of class

We are in the B1/1 level and I  have to say it´s hard, my classmates have more level but it is good for me because I have the possibility to learn faster, in each word of them.

Do you know who is the teacher? Leher  oder Leherin? Hahaha Leherin!
She is next to my left arm.She is Hanna, from Austria of course, she grew up in a small and nice city near to Vienna, Krems, one hour by car from here.

She is studying German philology at the university of Vienna, so we wouldn´t have better teacher than her. She is so fine and explain  good, for sure If I can´t understand something in German she could explain me the meaning  in a  properly English.

My classmates are from different countries (Romania,Italy,Russia,Syria) and they are so   open-mind, we speak a lot and we have a good time in each class. Nearly  the  whole of them are working here and they still have time and mood to learn German, don´t you think it is awesome?

That let me write a nice sentence from my best erasmus friend… Think about it!
If you want something , then just go and get it!

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