My happy place in Vienna

Hi to everyone again! Today I would like to tell you about my happy place. Maybe one day you will visit it and see by yourself how great it is! 🙂

I have discovered this location when I just moved to Vienna almost one year ago, September 2017. At that time I was living in the student dorm in Pötzleinsdorf (18th district) and I spent a lot of time exploring my neighbourhood, especially walking and jogging in Pötzleinsdorf and TĂĽrkenschanz parks, both situated nearby. To be honest, I noticed right from the beginning how wonderful 18th district is: beautiful houses, extremely green area, very clean and fresh air… But the thing that amazed me mostly was what I could see when I climbed up the hill a little bit not far from my house – a breathtaking view of Grinzing with its beautiful vineyards and many hills including Kahlenberg surrounding it. While I was wandering the streets trying to find the highest point from which I could see the best view, I have accidentally found a small but very cosy playground that was almost always empty. Since then, I started to come there very often, sit on a swing and read a book or listen to music and enjoy the view. Particularly special this place was when it was the sunset and it was getting darker – really awesome! When I was there, I forgot about everything, all my problems. It was so very peaceful and quiet that I could be just with my own thoughts and not worry about anything for a while. That was such a great feeling and I am still very happy to come back there sometimes for some alone-time even though I do not live there anymore.

More posts to come, stay tuned!

Best wishes to all,


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