My Leisure time

Each person spends his\her free time at own discretion. Somebody may stay at home and just relax, someone may be playing a guitar after a hard day. What about me? Actually I have a lot of things to do. As somebody, who may have read my notes, could remember that I like sport and everything what it includes. When I have time and mood in the evening, I wear my old shorts, put up a big hoodie and tie shoelaces on my sneakers and go out for a jogging on the streets. Places may vary, from parks to city center, depends on how many kilometers today I can manage to do. Sometimes I can have a functional training outdoors, which really helps to keep mind clean and calm. By the way, many activities which I used to do in my Homeland, are pushed aside. But what I miss the most about my leisure time is – Mountains.

In Almaty (where I came from) there are a beautiful and endless mountains, surrounding the city from south. The minimum height starts from 800 meters above the sea level right to 3000-6500 m. So nearly every weekends, me and a couple of friends got up at 6 a.m. and went to conquer the mountain tops. It were always full of events and emotions days. One day we conquered Bukreev peak 3031 meters height. After 5 minutes of happiness, we noticed that something got wrong. Namely the wind got stronger,it’s began to snow and blizzard struck us. So we immediately took up our stuff and began to descend from the peak. I hope you will never experience it. Because descend with the wind and blizzard knocking you out is a real challenge. But fortunately everything ended good. And now I have a couple of adventure stories to narrate to my friends 🙂

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