My new steps in German


After almost three weeks of my German Course, I could say that I continue advancing in learning German. We had our first test and, although it was a little difficult and I had some mistakes, I feel I have improved much more.

We have learned to conjugate verbs in past and present perfect, doing each time more gramatical examples. Moreover, we can distinguish between regular and irregular verbs.

For increasing our vocabulary and  enhancing our conversation skills, we have discussed about the different types of food around the world, specially the typical food from the countries of my classmates and today we have talked on some common diseases.

Our teacher always helps us in every doubt we have and has explained specially well a grammar rule for distinguishing the conjugation between a regular and irregular verb. I couldn’t say which excercise has been the most helpful for me, because I consider that every exercise is important for improving my German, but maybe those relating to past and present perfect times and also those for conjugate regular and irregular verbs have helped me a lot.

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